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  • Custom Funny Male Bobblehead on Beer Bottle Opener

Custom Funny Male Bobblehead on Beer Bottle Opener

  • $57.00

Tags: Custom Groomsman Bobbleheads

Personalized gift with premium quality, High likeness, can be used as a groomsmen/best man gift or a gift for friend, family member on other occasions.

- By default, The height of each figurines is about 16-18cm(6-7") when standing and the weight is about 230g, you can choose different sizes, suitable to install on most of wedding cake, car dashboard(Custom bobblehead for car dashboard).
- From head to toe, clothing color, clothing style, pose, base color, base shape can be changed, you can also add decal, text on base, no extra cost.
- 100% handmade with fine polymer clay, keep the color of the clay itself ensure brighter color and best details, all of our materials are guaranteed to be extremely durable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
- Free Proofs. Unlimited changes during proofing process until satisfied.
- Any question, or any requirement, please feel free to contact us and you will get soon reply: Email to or start live chat(recommend) at right bottom of the page.

Specialgif 3 step to order custom bobbleheads process
Bobblehead Details
Default Height 8-10cm
Material Polymer Clay for head
Reference SG000242

Product customization

  • H1 Black

  • H2 Dark Grey

  • H3 Grey

  • H4 White

  • H5 Black Brown

  • H6 D.Brown

  • H7 M.Brown

  • H8 L.Brown

  • H9 D.Blonde

  • H10 M.Blonde

  • H11 Blonde

  • H12 L.Blonde

  • H13 Redish Brown

  • H14 Red

  • No Hair

  • E1 Black

  • E2 Hazel

  • E3 Blue

  • E4 Brown

  • E5 Gray

  • E6 Green

  • S1 Chinese Skin-1

  • S2 Chinese Skin-2

  • S3 Ganeral-2

  • S4 Ganaral-1

  • S5 Pink

  • S6 Ganeal Tan

  • S7 Light Tan

  • S8 Black

  • S9 Medium Black

  • S10 Light Black

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